100% inspection in the
3.5-second cycle

/ Automated brake disk inspection


Lives depend on brake disks. They must therefore be 100% tested in the initial inspection after casting.

We have cleverly automated this process of circumferential testing and solved the complex task of measuring even the finest channels with the perfect combination of good, solid mechanical engineering and state-of-the-art testing technology. Your advantage: An absolutely reliable 100% check of all relevant areas in 3.5-second intervals. Only MATHEUS does this. 100% security.

The Matheus automated brake disk initial inspection includes

  • The patency test of the internal ventilation
  • The electronic natural frequency test for cracks
  • Natural frequency testing using innovative laser vibrometry
  • Inspection of the entire surface (top and underside of the friction ring, rim contact surface, wheel hub side)
  • Differentiation of error categories
  • Marking of the brake disk with fault code at the fault location
  • Automatic, transport-friendly packaging in individual packing patterns
  • Cycle times < 3.5s
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