The Matheus Path

/ Innovative automation solutions


All MATHEUS automation systems offer sophisticated, innovative solutions for a wide range of processes in the automotive industry and beyond. Sophisticated and well thought out down to the last detail. In doing so, we follow the MATHEUS path, which sets us apart from others: Solving complex tasks as simply and comprehensively as possible.

You tell us which process in your production chain you want to make more efficient through intelligent automation. We pay attention to everything that is important to you and incorporate it into the process. To do this, we go beyond your requirements, ask the important questions based on our experience and work out what you really need.

What is the focus? How much should really still be done by hand? Where can you go further?

With the best result possible.

Innovative Matheus automation solutions at a glance

Matheus Industrie Automation Sonderanlagen

Special systems from MATHEUS are the individual answer to every single automation request.

Matheus Industrie Automation Greifersysteme

As the central element of an automated system, each Matheus gripper is precisely tailored to its task and the specific requirements of its environment.

Matheus Industrie Automation Sandkernmontage

Automation in the foundry is of central importance for productivity – and not without its challenges. You need an experienced partner you can rely on.

Matheus Industrie Automation Bremsscheibenprüfung

Lives depend on brake disks. They must therefore be 100% tested in the initial inspection after casting.

Matheus Industrie Automation Reifenmontage

With robot-based tire assembly, MATHEUS has developed a completely new automation option for a process that was previously only possible manually.

Matheus Industrie Automation Primerauftrag

Applying primer to car windows is a difficult process. The biggest challenge in its automation: A problematic viscosity and its drying.

Matheus Industrie Automation Programmierung

We program our systems ourselves. With our own consistent programming standards that ensure simple operation and maintenance of your system.