Highest precision
without loss of time –
Primer application in
Matheus quality

/ Primer systems for car windscreens


Applying primer to car windows is a difficult process. The biggest challenge in its automation: A problematic viscosity and its drying.

Maximum precision is essential here. In the perfect feeding of the primer as well as in the reliability of the homogeneous application. We have made it. And in such a way that you can always drive through without idling due to changeover times. 100% innovative.

Matheus Industrie Automation Scheiben

The panes are automatically removed from product-specific feed carts using a robot and suction gripper with search sensor.

Matheus Industrie Automation Primerauftrag Zentrierstation

The robot takes the panes from the pallet, places them on the centering station and centers them.

Matheus Industrie Automation Primerauftrag Filz

The primer bar fills the felt with primer. The felt is automatically replaced during the process to ensure consistently high precision.

Matheus Industrie Automation Scheibe Fließband

After the primer has been applied automatically, the finished pane is transported away.

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