Clever solutions as

/ Automation components in MATHEUS quality


Even if you don’t need a complete solution for your automation, you don’t have to do without MATHEUS-quality components.

We have packed our experience and ideas from almost 30 years into a range of standard solutions that make your work easier and save you money. For example, with a manual system for efficient gripper changing, for which you do not have to invest in an automated solution. 100% worthwhile.

Clever Matheus components at a glance

Matheus Industrie Automation Roboter Wechselsystem

If you change your grippers only for maintenance or repairs or have no more than one product change per day, the MATHEUS gripper changing system for grippers up to 200 kg offers an efficient solution.

Matheus Industrie Automation Schutzeinrichtung

With protective fencing systems and robot enclosures from MATHEUS, you comply with all machine guidelines and meet the regulations of the automotive industry.

Matheus Industrie Automation Fördersystem

100% MATHEUS also means 100% in-house conveyor technology – in all the systems we build and as separate components for your application.