Gripper changing system in MATHEUS quality


If you change your grippers only for maintenance, or repair or you have no more than one product change per day, the MATHEUS gripper changing system for grippers up to 200 kg offers the efficient solution.

Compact with an optimized force- and weight relation and specially developed for use in harsh conditions, for example in the foundry. Without complex installation and control integration of gripper stations. Manual changeover is fast, no readjustment is required. The efficient alternative in 100% MATHEUS quality.

100% availability

In the event of a malfunction, a replacement gripper of identical design can be exchanged within a very short time by simple hand movements. This reduces the downtime of the robot to a minimum.

100% flexibility

When the system is retooled, the product-specific grippers are adapted on the robot. Gripper coding can be set up via the electrical interface.

100% precision

In the closed state, the system always remains preloaded under load, so that the connection between the upper and lower parts remains securely free of play.

100% safety

The top and bottom of the system are absolutely securely connected by a self-closing eccentric lock.