Automated tire mounting


With robot-based tire assembly, MATHEUS has developed a completely new automation option for a process that was previously only manually possible.

The unbeatable advantage: Thanks to the innovative, patented initial inflation under vacuum and other clever ideas, we achieve extremely short setup times. Different tire sizes and models can be filled one after the other completely without manual setup and time delays. This makes you more flexible and saves enormous costs in the long run. Especially for smaller quantities and frequently changing tire types. 100% clever. 


  • Automatic valve assembly
  • patented initial filling of the tyres
  • integrated quality control of all process parameters (balancing, valve assembly, etc.)
  • continuous traceability of all necessary process data
  • fast and flexible change over for different tire sizes and models
  • compact and space-saving design
Step 1
The rims are transported into the plant via pallets, depalletized and fed into the assembly station via a turntable.
Step 2
The valve is fed flexibly from the magazine.
Step 3
The next step is the optimal positioning of the tires on the rim and automatic mounting with the least possible force.
Step 4
The tire is brought into the correct orientation to the rim via image recognition systems.
Step 5
The initial inflation of the matched tire-rim combination takes place under a vacuum bell jar. This allows all tire sizes to be mounted in a time-saving manner without conversion.
Step 6
After inflation to nominal pressure, the optimum fit of the tire on the rim is automatically checked - regardless of tire and rim sizes, different pressures, and other variable parameters.
Step 7
Finally, the automatic balancing and removal of the finished tires takes place.